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Ken Murphy, Landscape and Architectural Photographer

Limited Edition Photographs of the Mississippi Landscape

The US Copyright Office considers limited editions as 200 or less. 

Considering the fact that I have been a professional photographer since 1986 and I have published 5 high quality coffee table books that have sold over 25,000 copies since 2002, I have not sold a lot of my photographs. This is primarily due to a lack of trying on my part. I have yet to seek out gallery representation but that is all about to change. 

All of my photographs will be issued in limited editions of ten (10) prints each. 

Each limited edition may consist of various sizes and types. i.e..Art Paper, Canvas, Giclee', Dye Transfer, or Metal, all are museum quality. 

No more than a total of 10 limited edition prints will be made, ever. Promise!

All limited edition photographs will come with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Following are the types, and sizes of limited edition prints:

11"x14" 1/10 - Canvas - Gallery Wrap --------------$ 1,200                         Fine Art Paper Print ------------$ 1,000  Unframed

16"x20" 1/10 - Canvas - Gallery Wrap ------------$ 1,500                         Fine Art Paper Print ------------$ 1,200  Unframed

20"x24" 1/10 - Canvas - Gallery Wrap ----------$ 1,600                            Fine Art Paper Print ------------$ 1,500  Unframed

20"x30" 1/10 - Canvas - Gallery Wrap ----------$ 1,800                            Fine Art Paper Print ------------$ 1,600  Unframed

24"x30" 1/10 - Canvas - Gallery Wrap ----------$ 2,200                           Fine Art Paper Print ------------$ 2,400  Unframed

20"x40" 1/10 - Canvas - Gallery Wrap-----------$ 2,500                            Fine Art Paper Print -----------$ 2,100  Unframed

30"x40" 1/10 - Canvas - Gallery Wrap-----------$ 2,700                           Fine Art Paper Print ------------$ 2,400  Unframed

40"x50" 1/10 - Canvas - Gallery Wrap-----------$ 3,500                           Fine Art Paper Print -----------$ 3,000  Unframed 

40"x60" 1/10 - Canvas - Gallery Wrap ----------$ 4,320                           Fine Art Paper Print -----------$ 3,900  Unframed 

8"x10" or 5"x7" prints will be considered as an open edition even if signed.

The photographer reserves the rights to all photographs. The photographer reserves the right to not sell out of any edition. 

Prices are subject to change without notice.