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Ken Murphy, Landscape and Architectural Photographer

Photographer's Mission Statement

Although I came to photography quite literally by accident in 1977, I feel as though I was born to be a visual artist. 

One of my earliest influences was Elliot Porter and his beautiful photographic coffee table book "In Wilderness Is The Preservation of the Earth". I was in awe of the beautiful 4x5 and 8x10 color nature photographs. I still am.

I have always felt that photography is the only medium that is capable of capturing the "pure" beauty of nature without any commentary by man. By that I mean, a man/woman painter might add some color or element to a landscape painting that was not there in reality, to make the scene "better". You cannot improve on the natural world, you can only wait for it to show it's glorious beauty and then try to capture it as purely and close to reality as possible. 

That does not mean that I will not use structural elements such as piers and fences to add visual interest to a natural scene in my photographs.

When I was contemplating the production of my first book "My South Coast Home" I wanted to create a book that would help to dispel some of the misperceptions people around the country seemed to have about Mississippi. 

I made and am still making a very conscious effort to show my home state in the best light possible, literally. 

Although the majority of my photographs to date are of my home state of Mississippi, I am beginning to expand my vision.

I recently completed "Local Spirit: Neighborhood Bars of Orleans Parish" with my friend and book designer Rick Dobbs with Unreal Design in New Orleans.

We are now looking at doing a book on the Big Bend National Park in Texas.

My ultimate goal and mission remains to be the creation of the highest quality photographs of our beautiful and interesting world that time and money will permit me to create.